Your New Roof Can Make You Money

As the old saying goes, a dollar saved is a dollar earned, so saving 35% on your insurance premiums is like making money.

Saving up to 35% (10-35% depending on the individual) is surprisingly easy.  All you need to do is choose to have an impact resistance roof installed on your home and this will qualify you for a discount with most homeowners insurance providers.

What is an impact-resistant roof? An impact-resistant roof is a roof made with materials that are wind and hail resistant and less susceptible to damage. Roof coverings are tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories and rated as a Class UL1, UL 2, UL 3, or UL4. Class UL4 roof covering is the most impact-resistant roof and receives the highest premium discount.

Atlas Stormaster shingles are rated UL 4, which is the highest possible impact resistance rating which will qualify for the highest possible discount. D.K Mason Roofing is a Platinum Level Installer.  All Stormmaster roofs we install are given a 40-year warranty from Atlas as opposed to the traditional 20-year warranty.

To take advantage of this Impact Resistance Discount you simply need to fill out the form with your insurance company.  Most companies like USAA has a form right on their website that you can easily download.

How much can you save with D.K Mason’s installation of Atlas Stormmaster shingles?  The average homeowner’s insurance rate for South Carolina’s homes is $1,412 per year.  A savings of 35% per year, giving you a savings of $494 per year!  That’s nearly $20,000 over the life of the roof.  So simply choosing the right company and materials can have a significant positive financial impact.  In addition to the incredible return on investment potential, you are also getting a phenomenal shingle.  The StormMaster Series Shingles are the ONLY UL4 with 3M Scotchgard, so you never have to worry about dark algae and mold stains.

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