Roof Types

At DK Mason Roofing, we specialize in repairing, replacing, and installing all different roof styles to meet the unique needs of our clients in the Upstate SC, area. Whether you’re looking for traditional gables, a stylish hipped design, or a sleek and modern flat roof, our expert team is here to provide professional solutions for your roofing needs.

Roof Types We Service

Understanding how different roof types influence cost and material options can help homeowners make informed decisions when planning a roof replacement project. Simpler designs are more cost-effective than complex roofs, which may require additional structural considerations and specialized installation techniques. Slope and surface area also impact material requirements and labor costs.

Gabled Design

A gable structure features a distinctive triangular shape with two sloping sides meeting at a central ridge. This popular architectural style offers efficient water runoff, spacious attic areas, and versatile aesthetics. Common materials used on gable roofs include asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and clay or concrete tiles.

Hipped Roofs

With slopes on all four sides converging at a central ridge, hip or hipped roofs provide enhanced stability, durability, and wind resistance. This design offers practicality and visual appeal, often accommodating attic rooms or vaulted ceilings. Hip roofs are usually covered with asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or slate tiles, providing a durable and visually appealing solution.

Low-Slope or Flat Roofing

Flat roofs have a minimal or no slope, providing a horizontal surface. They are commonly used in commercial and modern residential buildings. While they require proper drainage systems, this design offers versatility for rooftop installations, energy-efficient materials, and easy access for maintenance and repairs. Typical materials for flat roofs include EPDM (rubber) membranes, TPO (thermoplastic olefin) membranes, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) membranes, and built-up roofing systems, ensuring water resistance and longevity.

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