How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

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Installing a new roof is a right of passage that most homeowners will eventually have to do. Often the first question is How much will a new roof cost? or How much should I expect to pay for a new roof?


How much a new roof cost for your home depends on several factors. However, it is quite easy to estimate the cost of your new roof by considering a few points.

Roofing Material Affects Replacement Cost.
There are two common types of asphalt shingles are used in upstate area roofing: 3-tab shingles and architectural shingles, also known as dimensional or laminate shingles.

What is the difference between the 3 tab and Architecture shingles?

The 3-tab asphalt shingle has three, square tabs of the same size and thickness at the down-slope edge which have a flat look when installed. These shingles weigh less than architectural shingles because they are slightly thinner, making them less durable and more prone to curling over time.

Most 3-tab asphalt shingles have a 20 to 25-year life expectancy. At D.K Mason Roofing we have a 30 year 3 tab shingle that comes at a slight premium but is still less expensive than the architecture shingles.

Architectural asphalt shingles are the longest-lasting option but this additional life expectancy comes at a cost. They come in many designs and colors, but the main feature is varying shingle width and thickness, which adds more dimension and an extra element of aesthetic to the finished roof.

Most architectural shingles have a lifetime warranty but cost about $20 more per 100 square feet than 3-tab shingles. This can add about $500 to $750 of materials cost to the entire price of the average roof replacement job.

Home Size and Design Affect Roofing Replacement Costs

The average residential roof is approximately 1,700 square feet, your roof may be bigger or smaller. To calculate the approximate size of your roof, measure the overall outside width and length of your house to the edge of the eaves and multiply the two numbers to determine a rough estimate of your roof’s square footage.

Roofing in upstate S.C is calculated in 100-foot squares. To figure out the approximate number of roofing squares in your roof, simply take the total square feet and divide by 100. For example, if your roof is 2,000 square feet, 2,000 divided by 100 equals 20 squares of roofing.

In most cases, roof replacement costs between $300 to $500 per square, including materials and labor for installation. The removal of old roofing material can add $100 or more per square.

Valleys and gables in a roof are where two slopes meet, every valley and gable will need a special layer of metal flashing. This means that the more gables and valleys a roof has, the more expensive it is to replace.

Chimneys, vent pipes, skylights, and other items that may be on the roof will also need a special metal flashing, affecting the cost. Each skylight or chimney can add between $150 and $200 to the total roof replacement price.

Steep roofs and multi-story buildings can add to the overall difficulty of roof replacement which can add to the final cost.

Hiring a licensed roofing specialist like D.K Mason Roofing will be much less expensive in the long run since we stand behind all of our work with a 5 year warranty on labor and only use the best quality materials available ensuring all of our roofs will last.

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